Troubleshooting the notebook battery

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If your battery is not working properly and you’re having problems to charge your laptop battery try the following steps to determine the root cause and resolve the issue:

  1. If you have a battery from another laptop that you know is working, please use this battery in the laptop with problems and see if this gets charge and the laptop doesn’t shut down when the charger is unplugged. If you can’t manage to get another battery please go to the next step.

  2. Try physically removing the battery and plugging just the original charger in the unit to see if it powers on ok. If the laptop does not power on with the original charger please get another charger that you know is working and plug it into the same laptop to see if it powers on ok now with the battery still removed. If the second charger works fine with no issues please reinstall the original battery and see if it gets charge now.

    If it is all working with the new charger and the original battery then your problem was caused by the original charger being faulty or having not enough power to charge the battery.

    If you still have the same issue even with a good charger then your battery is probably faulty. Go to the next step to last attempt fixing that.

  3. Reinstall or update the battery drivers on Windows. Click the below link to see the steps.

Link: Reinstalling the notebook battery drivers

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