TPM issues with Bitlocker

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If you are having TPM issues not allowing the device to be encrypted or a recover key to be created follow the below in order to sort this issue out.

First of all check out Microsoft website for BitLocker Overview and Requirements FAQ:
BitLocker overview and requirements FAQ (Windows 10) – Windows security | Microsoft Docs

If you are not sure whether the legacy support is enabled or not please follow the below steps in order to confirm or change it:

1. Boot the laptop into BIOS by pressing F10
2. When in BIOS go to Advanced Tab > under Secure Boot Configuration > Configure Legacy Support and Secure Boot Select Legacy Support disable and Secure Boot enable.

3. Then uncheck the box for the Legacy Boot Order as below under Boot options

4. Save the changes and restart the laptop.

Try to encrypt again and if you still have problems do some do this additional troubleshooting:

5. On Windows Type in search tpm.msc and hit enter – this will bring up info on TPM.

6. Clear the TPM:

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