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If you selected to have your Circular Computing™ laptop fitted with a brand new battery, please read these instructions so that you gain the maximum life from your new battery.

Your new battery is shipped in a partially discharged state and every li-ion laptop battery needs to be ‘run in’. To do this, just repeat a full charge and discharge 3-4 times – this can be completed during normal use when you first start to work with your laptop and does not need to be done prior to first use. It is normal for the battery meter on the laptop to be incorrect at first. This is because the battery meter is still calibrated to the condition of the old battery. After you have completed several full charge and discharge cycles, the battery meter will re-calibrate to the new battery.

Please be aware that until your Circular Computing™ laptop is calibrated to your new battery the laptop may cut off prematurely without warning. It is, therefore, important to save your data frequently.

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