Lenovo T470 touchpad issues – Testing through Lenovo diagnostics

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In many cases, Lenovo touchpad not working issues result from faulty drivers. You need to update or reinstall your touchpad driver to fix problems of this kind. However, dealing with drivers, though necessary, sometimes can be very tricky and time consuming. You have to find the correct drivers and install it step by step on your own. A suitable way to confirm the touchpad hardware is healthy and therefore a driver conflict would potentially be causing the issue is by testing the hardware through Lenovo diagnostics. Here are steps:

  1. Press F10 during the boot sequence to launch Lenovo diagnostics.
  2. Once you have been taken to main screen, please select Mouse
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  1. It will take you to algorithm selection page. Just leave as default and select confirm:
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  1. Please use the touchpad to drag it to the different directions as illustrated in the screen to confirm whether it has been detected or not.
  2. Press the buttons as well to confirm they are responding to your command.

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