Intune / Autopilot Problem – Welcome Message on Windows Set Up

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Circular Computing are now aware that a small number of laptops that we have sold recently have an Intune/Autopilot profile on the Windows 10 setup wizard. This only becomes evident when you first log onto the laptop whilst connected to the internet.  The problem looks like the laptop is trying configure itself to a prior users profile.  Because this relates to information stored on the internet about the laptop, not anything on the laptop itself we are unable to prevent this, without Microsoft’s assistance.  Please be reassured the laptop itself is clean of previous users information.

We have modified our testing regime to prevent more laptops affected by this problem entering the supply chain, but there may be a few units already in the channel which may exhibit this problem.

In the unfortunate event that you experience this issue with a laptop that you have purchased from A2C or Circular Computing then please inform us straight away and then arrange to return the unit back to A2C where we can either replace the unit (stock level dependent) or raise a credit against it for you.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused as we aim to solve this issue.

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