Problem with your laptop?

Before you submit a warranty claim or return your laptop, a lot of issues can be solved by some basic tests. Click on the below to see solutions to each question.

Microsoft Windows is asking for a product key

Your product key is available on your laptop and the placement of this sticker is different dependant on the model. You may find the sticker behind the back plate or behind the laptop battery. 

The trackpad is not working

If the trackpad is not working, try using the functions keys to switch it back on as you may have accidently turned it off.

Have you attempted to power the device on and off?

If not, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds to ensure a forced shutdown.

Once the laptop has shut down, press the power button to start the laptop up again.

Do you have any pending software updates?

Do you have any pending software updates - particularly Windows itself?

If you click on Start menu - do you see an update notification by the shutdown button? If so, you should install the updates and reboot your laptop.

Try reading the Windows Updates FAQ page and following the recommended steps.

Could it be a power issue?

Does the device work when the power supply is plugged in?

If it's a power issue, have you checked your power supply unit and cable for any damage?

Often, the power supply unit will have an LED light on it. Is this on?

Have you tried a different power outlet? 

Checking the battery is not the issue

Does it work when it is not plugged in?

Can the battery be removed easily? If so, try and remove the battery and plug in the power supply to see if it turns on.

If  you have read and tried the basic tests above, please click on the Next button below.

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